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Dick and Dee Dee with Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night) at the


Taken at the Rocknrollautographshow.
From left to right: Dick (Deke Detanna), Dee Dee Phelps John Claude
Gummoe (lead singer of the Cascades and writer of Rhythm of the
Rain), and Mark Lindsay, formerly with Paul Revere and the Raiders.


Left to right: Deke Detanna (Dick and Dee Dee), Trini Lopez
("If I Had A Hammer"), Dee Dee Phelps (Dick and Dee Dee),
John Claude Gummoe (The Cascades), Peggy Santiglia Davison
(The Angels, "My Boyfriends Back"), Jim 'Dandy' Mangrum (Black Oak
Arkansas), Jiggs Allbut Sirico and Barbara Allbut Brown (The Angels). 


At Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood recording Dick Wagner's composition for St. Jude
Children's Hospital, "If I Had The Time (I Could Change The World)". With Michael Angelo
Batio, Nadir D'Priest, Ritchie Onori, Dick Wagner Maestro of Rock, John Claude Gummoe,
Dee Dee Phelps and Ray Calhoun at Sunset Sound recording studio.



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